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What is Project Wild Edges

Project Wild Edges is a community theatre project.

In the spring of 2022, a series of performances will be presented on the Wolf Creek Trail in Grass Valley, California.

At the edge of Pine Creek Shopping Center, steps away from the freeway, on a forested trail, we will inspire an inquiry into our relationship with nature, through dance, drama, and art. The community is invited to participate through dance and art workshops.

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Why Project Wild Edges?

We are living with the anxiety of wildfires, drought, power outages, and a global pandemic. Nature is insisting that we pay attention.

In these polarized times, art is a way to explore challenging subjects from a fresh viewpoint.

Our theatre presentation takes place along the Wolf Creek Trail, at the edge of a shopping center and freeway. Along the trail is a mining museum, animal control center, and water reclamation plant. These are all examples of how we manage nature.

Wolf Creek Trail is a wild urban edge that reminds us that so long as humans are here, we will live in a relationship with nature.

What is our Relationship With Nature?

Our bodies are sustained by fresh air, water, and nutrients.


Are we a part of nature or are we separate from nature?

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Healthy Watershed Resilient Forest


watershed is a contour of land that drains all the nearby streams and rainfall into a common basin.

Imagine two cupped hands guiding the water towards the ocean. When you know your watershed you can take care of it.

Many locals don’t know that Nevada City is in the Yuba Watershed and Grass Valley, where Project Wild Edges is performed, is in the Bear.

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Wolf Creek runs through Grass Valley but is hidden. It has been paved over but it still flows. As it leaves town it follows Mill Street, it goes under Freeman Lane, and then we can see it shining along the Wolf Creek Trail on its way to the Bear River and the Delta.

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Your Creative Response to Natural Disasters


We are having a shared experience of Covid, fires, smoke, power outages, drought, anxiety, and uncertainty.

Have you written some words, choreographed a dance, or drawn a sketch?

Has your child made any drawings? Have you read any articles or books, or seen movies or videos, that are helping you cope or giving you hope?



There are so many minds working to find solutions for humans while keeping the planet healthy.

How do we navigate in these uncertain times?

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